About Us

What is a Knuckle Dragger?:

A Knuckle Dragger is military slang referring to Infantry or Special Forces personnel, or paramilitary components of the US Intelligence Community.


Who we are:

Knuckle Draggerz Veterans Club is just that, a Veterans Club. KDVC is NOT  a gang, and will not be labeled as an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang “OMG” or claim to be a 1% club, PERIOD!! Our focus is on supporting Veterans organizations as well as supporting other Veterans Clubs. The membership is  comprised of Special Operations and Combat MOS Veterans and Active Duty personnel. We are and will remain the Nations quiet professionals. This club is unlike any other  in that, our members have seen and been places that few other Veterans and other clubs can understand.


Why we are here:

KDVC is a brotherhood that offers Special  Operators and Combat Veterans a comradery that is missing outside the Military. We are a group of like minded  individuals that enjoy riding motorcycles and helping out our fellow vets. KDVC will extend a hand of friendship to any club that is willing to extend the hand back.


Our Colors:

The club colors are black and silver. The black represents the emptiness in our hearts for our fallen brothers and silver for the chrome that now brings us together. The Eagle is our Nation’s symbol of freedom and has nine outer feathers and eleven inner feathers to remind us to never forget and to be always vigilant.  The five tail feathers and the five neck feathers represent the five branches of the US Military. The “K” on the eagles chest is backwards to the “D” signifying that we stand back to back with our fellow brothers in peace time, and in war. The knuckleduster symbolizes our willingness to defend our country and the four stars represent the fourth letter of the alphabet; (D) for Draggerz! 


We do not claim territory on our cuts, only the God forsaken countries of war that we few have tread on.